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Posted By admin on 04/28/13 - Bookmark Reality Kings

Maddy knew how to keep her boyfriend in check. She would often cock tease him and then leave to go boast how she had him around her little finger with her friends. When she’d come back she would find a pair of her cum soaked panties mysteriously inside her dirty clothes hamper that she hadn’t worn yet. She knew she had him thinking about her teenage pussy wrapped around his hard cock while she was away. It made her feel powerful and sexy to know he couldn’t stop thinking about her.

This behavior finally backfired though when she left him alone with her step-mom Darla. It seems Maddy’s parents weren’t getting along all that well and Darla was tired of fucking a bionic cock. She wanted the real thing. When she burst into the bathroom after Maddy left she found Maddy’s boyfriend in there with a thick meaty cock ready for the taking.

When Maddy returned to find the two of them engaged in sexual acts she didn’t get mad. She got laid by both of them. Maddy had masturbated to dreams of sucking on her step-mom’s boobs and tasting her MILF pussy and now it was finally going to happen!

Moms Bang Teens is the hottest porn side coming down the pipe. You won’t find hotter, kinkier videos anywhere else. There isn’t a guy out there with a hot step mom that hasn’t thought about banging her tight ass and sucking on her juicy titties. What most guys don’t know is that they aren’t the only siblings wanting to taste that MILF pussy. Step-daughters have the same carnal desires as their brothers do. It is about time a site has the balls to portray the deviant sexual desires we have all experienced at some point in our lives.

Shift your porn into high gear. With the Reality Kings password you get an entire network of sites that shatter the molds that meld them. MILF became a household term when MILF Hunter opened. Big Naturals and Cum Fiesta are the de facto standards of their respective niches. Don’t do the same old porn over and over again. Get new videos every day of the week. is your home for the best porn the world has to offer. Take the tour and see why.

Posted By admin on 02/19/13 - Bookmark Reality Kings

Jenna and Jessie didn’t know what to think when their teacher Ms. Veronica Avluv invited them to her home. She was old enough to be their mother. Jenna didn’t want to get in any trouble so she asked Jessie to just go along and see what was up.

While there Ms. Avluv surprised Jessie and tricked him into catching her in the bathroom peeing. He tried to apologize, but she wasn’t having any of it. She knew he liked watching ladies pee. He tried to resist some more so she ripped down his pants to expose his hardening cock. At that point you could say he was caught red handed.

Next the horny teacher went out into the living room to find her female student Jenna Ross. The little slut in training was sitting on the couch and she offered no resistance when Ms. Avluv tried to kiss her. Jessie walked in and saw them making out. Again he didn’t know what to say so Ms. Avluv did all of the talking.

She made him pull down his pants to show his hard cock to his fellow student. Jenna has a big crush on Jessie and she could feel her teen snatch getting super wet.

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Soon she had both teens ready to fuck. The teacher bent down and showed her slutty student how to properly suck a cock without scraping her teeth on it. When Jenna took her turn Jessie was surprised to see how quickly she picked up on the techniques her teacher was showing her.


When it was Jenna’s turn to feel a warm tongue on her throbbing clit she didn’t mind that her teacher kept alternating with her student. At one point she felt Jessie’s tongue fucking her tight slit while her teacher flicked her clit. She thought it felt amazing. Jenna hoped they’d never stop!

When Ms. Avluv rode Jessie something amazing happened when she came. The Moms Bang Teens slut started squirting her juice all over the place. Jenna had never seen somebody squirt before. Or even heard of such a thing. She wondered if she would start doing it too someday.


Finally it was Jessie’s turn to squirt and his teacher showed his friend how to take a facial. Jenna figured that if a grown woman was doing it, it must be OK. She chuckled at when it occurred to her that her friends all thought it was gross because they were still “little” girls when it came to sex. Jenna couldn’t wait to do this some more with Jessie tomorrow. updates weekly and is another of the premier porn sites you have come to expect from a company that bills itself as the Reality Kings. There are over thirty sites in the network these days so they are updating several times a day. With three sites devoted to MILF sex I think you will find this network to be to your liking.

Posted By admin on 01/09/13 - Bookmark Reality Kings

If you were ever a boy that hit puberty, and I hope you were, you have dreamed of fantasies like this one. Giovanni catches his girlfriend having sex with her step-mom. To be honest, I think most of us would still bang the shit out of both of them even if they were blood related. Don’t feel gross. It is one of the best parts of being a guy!

Get the entire Moms Bang Teens video at They give you unlimited access to an entire network of porn that was built on doing things with you in mind.

The Reality Kings have never fucked with people’s credit cards or given out their customers Emails. They pride themselves on sticking to the core values every business should adhere to whether or not it is in the porn business. Treat your customers right. Make the kind of porn they want to see. And above all, don’t break their trust in your brand.

Back in 2001 the Reality Kings created It put the term MILF into every household. Now they are stirring the pot again with Moms Bang Teens. This site is over the top. Just how porn should be!

Posted By admin on 12/18/12 - Bookmark Reality Kings

Oh man! It is every guys worst nightmare playing out on the big screen. Being balls deep in a little betty, seriously into the moment and in walks your mom. Even worse, she has you in her cougar clutches!

Luckily for Michael his dad left his mom years ago and married Syren Demer otherwise this video would be seriously disgusting! Just kidding. Even then it’d still be kind of kinky. LOL

Still, even step-moms have a one Cardinal rule. Do not fuck some hussy slut in their bed under any circumstances. Seriously though, I need to stop using the word seriously. Seriously though, what is the big deal with teenagers wanting to fuck in their parents bed?

If these two were going to fuck in her "adult" sized bed, they could at least fuck like adults do. She grabbed Jessie Volt by her hair and pushed her mouth onto her step-son’s hard cock commanding her to suck it. After watching her less than awe inspiring performance she decided to show her how it is done!



Each week Moms Bang Teens adds another episode to the mix. Each week your nuts are going to thank you. I will put this caveat out there though. If you have a hernia problem, don’t watch this video. You are going to cum so hard you might dislodge a testicle if you do!

Get all of your reality porn from the true kings of reality, the Reality Kings. Seriously!

Posted By admin on 12/11/12 - Bookmark Reality Kings


If your girlfriend had a step-mom this fucking hot would you turn her down? I highly fucking doubt it. Not with juggs that big you wouldn’t. In this episode mom attacks her step-daughter’s boyfriend in the pool while her daughter is supposed to be out shopping. One thing leads to another and then to another and then… to another!

This platinum blonde trophy wife uses her bought and paid for tits to seduce this young cub. Her cougar MILF charms completely dominate his thought processes. He forgets all about having promised himself to her daughter and lets nature take it’s course.


When her daughter returns early she is very excited about getting into the pool with her steady. The only problem is he is nowhere to be found. After poking around for a bit she finds him and her step-mother in bed. At first she doesn’t know what to think, but then the jealousy subsides and she begins to succumb to her own horny thoughts about her hot step-mom.


Instead of letting anger control the situation she lets lust consume her. Before she knew what she was doing she was locked in a tongue filled kiss with her dad’s third wife. Her boyfriend noticed the new addition and couldn’t believe what he was seeing. This cougar MILF’s lustful spell knew no bounds.


Using her tongue on her daughter she gave her sensations only a woman would know how to achieve. Once she had her daughter riding a wave of passion she told the boyfriend to stick his cock up her daughters ass. This brought on a whole new wave of passion that sent the girl over the edge. She came harder in that moment than in every other moment combined!

Watch the entire video at Moms Bang Teens. Nobody does porn like the Reality Kings do porn. They have been breaking the molds since they put the term M.I.L.F. on the table with MILF Hunter. Their newest site pairs mothers up with their step-children in ways their hubbies never intended. Take the tour and join the craziest site on the Internet!

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